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Kelly Quell

Kelly Quell
  • Location: Boston, MA
  • Birthday: Aug 24
  • Hey 👋 I’m Kelly.

    Verse-Top. Dirty whore with a big fat ass 🍑and the best tits you'll ever have in your mouth.

    I like it harder and rougher and I'm not easy to please. The messier and meaner the better.

    I'm looking for cute subby tgirls who want to come over and see what it’s like to get tossed around my room.

    My interests include sucking cock and slapping you around while you beg for more. I also play 🎸🥁 and like to garden in my free time.

    Match with me if you are looking to come over and fuck me into the ground or looking to get fucked just as hard.

    💋 xoxo

Kelly's Videos

Today is my birthday and that means I get presents! But, since I'm generous and I like to celebrate with everyone, you get a present too!!

Here is a super hot birthday bonus scene! This is for the fans that have been asking for scenes with me in it, and for the fans that want to see really rough scenes with guys.
This scene is not a typical Tgirls Hookup scene. It's actually a prototype for a new project I am starting to work on. If you want to see me get really pushed to my limits by Smash Thompson, then this is the scene for you...
First he makes me lock my pathetic cock up with a stainless steel chastity cage, then I get throat fucked until I can't take it any longer. His dick smacked the back of my throat so good! <3 He filled both my holes up with his huge cock, made me drink squirt, and then polished my face with his cum!
I can't believe how WET he made me, and I drank so much like a good nasty slut!

BTW, Thursday's update will be coming out on Friday 8/25 instead of Thursday.

Added on 24th Aug 2022

24th Aug 2022  |   23 minutes

    Rating: 0.00

Happy Friday! Here's a special bonus hardcore scene just for being such awesome members! We've been waiting for the perfect opportunity to release this super-hot trans-lesbian threesome and today is the day! Watch me get my holes absolutely fucking obliterated by Flowergoth Roze and Delilah Darling in 'Wreck My Gape #6' -KQ BONUS SCENE!!! We've got a special one for y'all today! Our team of professional deviants has a deviation from our normal fare. No, scripts, no fantasies, no B.S! This is Wreck my Gape #6! The latest installment in the series that started it all! Kelly Quell, the lovely and depraved mind behind the entire TGIRLS-HOOKUP cinematic universe is in front of the camera this time, and she brought her filthy friends with her! The sultry Flowergoth Roze and the sensuous Delilah Darling have a no-holes-barred bout with Kelly's hungry hole! Armed with both silicone dong and girl cock respectfully, they ensure that Kelly has her fill in both her throat and ass, her gape steadily blooming as they work her wider... and wider. hope you enjoy the bonus update from TGIRLS-HOOKUP. The only place where even in our downtime, we're gaping holes and stroking poles! xoxo, -Ana Andrews

Added on 6th May 2022

6th May 2022  |   15 minutes

    Rating: 0.00

Happy Holidays from Tgirls Hookup! We're cumming down your chimney with something hot and steamy from Santa's Big, Throbbing sack! You’ve all been so naughty this year, and so have we! Xmas cums early this year with a bonus hardcore scene! This raw, intense hookup is between curvy slut Kelly Quell, and the return of the super-sexy Roxanne Rom! Both of these sluts love wrecking their holes and the holes of others, so this is a match made in heaven (or the north pole?). These two waste no time unwrapping each other in a rush like they're sitting under the xmas tree on xmas morning! Roxanne's sexy fucking tits and uncut dick are on display moments into their meeting! There's a smoldering passion that's present here, and you can just tell that they’ve been just waiting to fuck for a long time! It's not even Christmas yet, but these naughty girls are already breaking out their new toys! Their holes spread in both anticipation and at the coaxing of them both, with Kelly quickly renewing her membership into the 4-finger club! Things heat up even more as Kelly takes the wheel and starts pounding Roxanne's supple ass, doing her best lil drummer girl impression on Ms. Rom's prostate before cumming on Roxanne’s perfect lips. When they are finished, these two decide to make a snowball of the cum, passing it back and forth with each other’s tongues! Make sure to warm your balls by the fire with this hot bonus scene right here on Tgirls Hookup! Merry Xmas ya filthy animals!

Added on 24th Dec 2021

24th Dec 2021  |   24 minutes

    Rating: 0.00

Today (8/24) is Kelly's Birthday and she's celebrating it with you!! She's releasing this super-special bonus birthday scene as a thank you for being a member of TGHU! You really mean so much to her and she wanted to give you this special extra update this month. Nicole Cheshire was in town last weekend to shoot a couple new scene (cumming soon!!). Nicole and Kelly have gotten pretty close in the last month and they couldn't seem to keep their slutty hands off one another. Nicole loves to fluster Kelly when she’s trying to work. Nicole was making it pretty clear that she wanted to fuck Kelly’s big ass and play with her giant tits. After Kelly finished setting up the studio for the next morning’s scene, they decided it was finally time to fuck! The studio was already set up, so they thought they may as well film it! Nicole loves Kelly's big ass and has been waiting to stick her cock in Kelly since the moment she met her in July. Nicole Cheshire is so fucking sexy! Unbelievably hot. She is a pure top with a nice hard cock. Nicole was born ready to fuck dumb sluts on Tgirls Hookup, and today Kelly is one of those dumb sluts! These two cuties start off timid and shy, but that changes really fast once Nicole and Kelly begin to make out. Sparks fly! Nicole and Kelly exchange BJs for a bit before Nicole throat fucks the hell out of her. After Kelly has spit dripping down her face, it's time for Kelly to get her birthday asshole fucked and her prostate milked!! Nicole fucked Kelly so damn hard the house shook.

Added on 24th Aug 2021

24th Aug 2021  |   16 minutes

    Rating: 0.00

This scene was so much fun to film! I loved getting plowed and defiled by Roxi Heart. Oh she really knows how to wreck tgirl holes. We had a really fun time shooting this scene. I had help from all of my girlfriends as crew for this shoot. I couldn't have made this website a reality without the help of them. This was my second scene I've ever shot for TGHU as a bottom. The last time I shot as a bottom for this project was the first ever pilot episode! I figured it was time to get in for a scene and do some of the dirty things I've been itching to do on screen. Roxi is a total TGHU pro by now. I love having her in town to shoot. If you like what you see, please encourage me to bottom more :) Thank you for all being members to my website and helping make my dreams cum true ;) -xoxo Kelly

Added on 29th Jun 2021

29th Jun 2021  |   08 minutes

    Rating: 0.00

Always on the prowl, Kelly Quell is looking for a challenge once again. Always looking for the next thrill. Not a novice to the scene, Kelly hops on the TGHU app and hits the jackpot! Roxi Heart is a true veteran on TGHU and knows what she wants: a true no-holes-barred slut. Pleasantries and pics fly before Kelly rushes to Roxi, lust filling each step. A trail of tired tops and stretched out sluts in their wake, we get to see what happens when these two titans of thottery hook up! The piledriver scene has to be witnessed to be believed! Kelly is asked to open wide, as Roxi has a lot of squirt saved up to make this scene even messier! Kelly gets fucked harder than she's ever been fucked before! These two put the "s" in slutty, with the room left after a mess of sweat, lube, squirt, and cum!

Added on 24th Jun 2021

24th Jun 2021  |   27 minutes

    Rating: 0.00

Enjoy this hot behind the scenes interview from the 4th Tgirls Hookup scene ever filmed! Kelly found Michigan cutie Kimberly Sin on twitter and they made plans for her to fly to Providence, RI to shoot. We knew Kimberly was a total slut, but we had no idea just how much of a fucking slut Kimberly was until they shot this scene. When we were brainstorming ideas for this scene, Kelly came up with the idea of pouring milk into Kim’s ass. Kim was super into this idea. Kelly got a kick out of how enthusiastic Kimberly was over the idea of doing a milk scene. It seemed just crazy enough to try. Kim had no idea that she could gape that big, and she had never experienced the feeling of cold milk being poured into her asshole before. Kelly stretched Kim’s asshole wide open and fucked the hell out of her as hard as she could. This scene was a ton of fun. This interview was conducted only seconds after the conclusion of filming the main scene. You can see Kimberly is still soaking wet with milk and catching her breath.

Added on 16th Mar 2021

16th Mar 2021  |   02 minutes

    Rating: 0.00

Michigan cutie Kimberly Sin is in town and on the prowl. She's a hot little slut wondering if the hottest new app for trans girls is as great as everyone says. The other day she tried it out and some anonymous girl came in her, and shes still oozing cum from her gaping asshole. Something is absolutely wrong with this sinful babe. She's a gross little nymphomaniac, searching for that top who can fulfill her nastiest bottom fantasies...did anyone say MOO!?!? This girl loves to be treated like the total cow whore she is. She doesn't want no gentle bitches to top her, she needs to be degraded and fucked HAAARD! Kelly Quell steps up to the plate and hits a home run in this, giving this hussy the ride of her life, slam dunking her COCK straight into her pathetic little gape full of milk!

Added on 11th Mar 2021

11th Mar 2021  |   20 minutes

    Rating: 5.00

Kelly can't seem to get enough cock, like ever. Ten different loads in one day can't fill her up apparently. So, Kelly does what any insatiable cock hungry slut would do and downloads the Tgirls Hookup app! Within minutes Kelly matches with a tall cutie with a huge cock.... Kerri Labouche! Kerri attempts to teach Kelly some discipline and see if Kelly's can follow directions if she wants to get fucked. Kerri pours oil all over Kelly's big fat tits and ass and makes Kelly gag on her huge 10-inch cock. Kerri fucks Kelly's ass as deep and hard as she can before binding Kelly up with her own panties! After some more hard fucking, Kerri busts her huge load all over Kelly's face.

Added on 12th Jan 2021

12th Jan 2021  |   23 minutes

    Rating: 5.00

Nikki Jaee is the filthiest goth slut you will ever meet. Proudly nicknamed, "The Goth Whore Next Door" by everyone on campus, Nikki has made a name for herself by getting fucked rougher and harder than anyone at her school. However, she needs something a little more exciting than just multiple, anonymous sexual partners frequently stuffing her slutty holes. She craves something more... She craves abuse and defilement. Nikki wants someone to treat her like the dumb slut she is and slap her around, fuck her throat until she can't breathe, fill her ass and mouth with her squirt, and fuck her until she's crying in a puddle on the floor. Nikki matches with hard top Kelly Quell on Tgirls Hookup and she heads over to Kelly's house to be used like a pathetic, worthless fuckdoll.

Added on 12th Jan 2021

12th Jan 2021  |   27 minutes

    Rating: 5.00

Sky Burrito is a tiny, petite E-girl with a huge appetite for cock. Lately she hasn't had her asshole drilled because all the girls she's been hooking up with are all bottoms. Sky Burrito matches with Kelly on Tgirls Hookup and tells Kelly how much she needs Kelly's fat cock in her tight, little hole. After some hot sexting she heads over to Kelly's for the hardest fucking she's ever had. Kelly has her way with Sky Burrito's face and ass and busts her hot load all over this tiny slut's mouth.

Added on 12th Jan 2021

12th Jan 2021  |   21 minutes

    Rating: 5.00

Kerri Labouche may be the sweetest girl you may ever meet! Kerri has cute tits, a perfect ass and a super gigantic cock! This petite cute from NJ really knows how to suck cock. Kerri shows off her tight body for the camera in this super-hot behind the scene video blow job video. Kelly cums super hard into Kerri's mouth before the two of them begin to make out, sharing Kelly's tasty cum.

Added on 10th Jan 2021

10th Jan 2021  |   13 minutes

    Rating: 5.00

Sky Burrito is a total cutie from California who loves to suck cock. Kelly asks Sky Burrito about how much fun she's been having and then gets right to some behind the scenes cock sucking.

Added on 10th Jan 2021

10th Jan 2021  |   12 minutes

    Rating: 5.00