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Vera Special

Vera Special
  • Birthday: 6th June
  • "Hey I'm Vera!!👋 I may come off as shy but I'm really an eager slut!! 🥵 I'm a subby vers bottom, I can be bratty but call me a good girl and I'll melt 💕

    I'm looking for hot tgirls that wanna plow me to heck 😈 or you can play with my cock whichever suits your fancy 😜 Either way I like big dicks and want them on me or in me.

    I'm weird and artsy, so let's make art together, you can come over and paint my face🎨😁🍆💦 Let's have some fun😇"

Vera's Videos

Get up close and personal with Vera Special and Delilah Darling in this week's brand new behind the scenes video!! This was Delilah's third time here to shoot and Vera Special's first time!! These girls were outstanding together!! So hot! enjoy! -KQ

Added on 15th Feb 2022

15th Feb 2022  |   12 minutes

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Vera Special has a taste for something just a bit rougher tonight...and boy has she found it! Vera is a sexy little redhead with long sumptuous legs and nipples just begging for a nibble. And that's to say nothing of her amazing, fuckable ass! Her encounter at the museum has sparked a fire within and she's going to need more than water to put it out! Delilah is a veteran at the TGHU game, and is more than willing to give Vera the hard fucking pounding she craves. Ms. Darling is a vision with blonde hair, milky skin and a sporty frame seemingly purpose-built to serve cock at ramming speed into needy little bottoms! A few messages are exchanged before things transition from inbox to front door. Vera's barely inside the door before passions ignite, submissively following Delilah in before making sure her throat and Ms. Darling's girl-dick were thoroughly acquainted. Delilah's girl-dick stand's tall and strong, throbbing at all the attention being lavished on it. Delilah works Ms. Special open with toys for a bit, making sure that she is literally pleading for a pounding before she obliges. Theatrics are pushed aside as she pushes inside, her girl-cock hitting just the spot Vera needed! The two-pound raw for what feels like forever, the naked, bareback hard fucking being what both of them craved. The smack of skin-on-skin making all the applause they needed as Delilah thoroughly claps Vera's cheeks! This smoldering ass-pounding sizzles before Delilah gives up a bit of Nectar and cum in equal measure! Keep it right here at Tgirls Hookup, the place to be for hardcore T4T!

Added on 10th Feb 2022

10th Feb 2022  |   39 minutes

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One day I was scrolling through my twitter feed and I saw this super cute girl named Vera Special. I had never seen her before that day on twitter. I realized that she was brand new and has never shot anything before! I knew she was going to be the next big thing. A month later I saw she shot for GroobyGirls, and she was crowned Model of the Month! I knew it was the perfect time to get her here to shoot for TGHU. What a total cutie she is. She's just so fucking adorable. I had a fantastic time having her here the week after Xmas to shoot. I will have her back again for sure. I think she will really be a star. Filming was easy and a total blast. She's really funny and nice too! You should totally go follow her on twitter and even sub to her onlyfans. Enjoy! xoxo, Kelly

Added on 11th Jan 2022

11th Jan 2022  |   07 minutes

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Vera Special is as cute as a button! Definitely what one would think of when you think of the innocent girl next door. Her features are delicate, and if you didn't know any better you might not even think she was all that slutty...But her dear diary certainly knows some secrets about her that might not be known to the general passerby. Vera is a Dino nut, having an affinity for the prehistoric creatures since she was much younger. When she gets a ticket to visit the local exhibit at the museum, who could've guessed that it would lead to her sucking and fucking her tour guide? Softly stroking her cock even before she commits her sordid story fully to paper, her girl-dick is begging for attention! Her moans echo those she made when she was getting railed in the closed off exhibit by that cute tour guide as she works herself to a feverish pitch! Her hard girlcock surges in her hands, even as she reaches for other toys for her hungry ass. A tunnel plug gives you a gape-eye view deep inside before another swirly toy mixes her up, her unicorn horn dildo. When Vera's pleasure can go no higher, she pulls out her brand-new fuck machine, and the pink pulverizer pounds her prostate to until she cums her brains out!! You don't wanna miss this hot solo fantasy update from Tgirls Hookup, 65 million years in the jerking!
P.S. A special thank you to Hismith for providing us with that brand new purple fucking machine! Use code "TGHUxxx5" for 5% off any Hismith product on amazon.

Added on 6th Jan 2022

6th Jan 2022  |   26 minutes

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